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Who is John Weld?

An American Adventurer who embraced life with a spirit of optimism and perseverance.

John Weld was a man of many hats. During the peak of Hollywood’s Golden Era, John came to Hollywood at age 18 and became a stuntman after performing a 135 ft. dive from a cliff for the film, “The Folly of Vanity”. He went on to have a prolific stunt career performing high-risk stunts for the likes of Laurel and Hardy, John Barrymore, Charlie Chaplin and Tom Mix. A chance meeting with famed gossip columnist Louella Parsons lead John into a career of journalism, working for the New York Herald in Paris. While in Paris he interviewed and wrote stories about influential Americans including aviator Charles Lindbergh, industrialist Henry Ford and future president, Franklin Roosevelt.

Under the mentorship of renowned 20th-century author James Joyce, John became a best-selling novelist after writing his book “Don’t You Cry for Me.” John held many influential people within his social circle; however, his muse was the love of his life, American Actress Gigi Parrish, whom he married in 1937. Together they founded the Laguna Beach Post and produced numerous travelogue films. On one trip, they barely survived the sinking of the ship they were on, the Laust Maersk. John chronicled that adventure and a lifetime of remarkable journeys in his 1991 autobiography, “Fly Away Home: Memoirs of a Hollywood Stuntman”. To those who knew John, he was quite possibly the most extraordinary, ordinary man they ever knew.

Stuntman. Journalist. Best-selling Author. Fearless Adventurer…
This is the life of John Weld.

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